Useful Accessory Software --

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compiled by Dru Abrams

Windows 2000 Thumbnail viewers:

Thumbview and Thumbview Lite! - Outstanding and very useful software for windows that adds thumbnail suport of TGA, SGI, PIC, Tiff and more to windows 2000 and windows xp. Download this amazing utility now. You need it!

Targa, Maya Iff, Softimage Pic


Adobe Photoshop File Type Support:

Maya iff - reader for photoshop 4, 5, 6, 7. Not sure about CS.

Photoshop 7.0 targa handler - pre-multiplies alpha on targa's. Nice for bringing in targa's out of a 3d app into photoshop on a layer, rather than a premultiplied Background layer + Alpha channel.

SGI Image reader for Photoshop 7, CS, not sure about earlier versions of Photoshop.


Experimental Software: - Interesting resource for java/scripting based dynamically driven design