Pre-Production - What is it?

The goal of Pre-Production is to save time + money.


Pre-production is the phase of planning that occurs prior to starting production on a job. You wouldn't start building a house without floor plans. You wouldn't start building a kitchen without a list of all the fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and what finishes each are in. Obviously some things will cost more than others, so for accurate cost estimates, we need to get specific.


There are many factors that go into estimating the cost of a project. In general they include:

- The level of detail and quality sought for the final image. Draft, Previz, Production.

- Output type. Still Frames, Animation, Interactive.

- Scope of output. If stills, how many and at what camera angles. If animation, please provide storyboard and anticipated length of each shot and the final animation. (For animation a storyboard and creative brief are required).

- Output specifications. This will generally be media specific.

- Required Elements. If there are any specific layout, composition, construction, aesthetic, or material considerations that must be adhered to, they should be discussed at the Estimate stage.


Every project has unique needs and we strive to create work that satisfies them all.

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