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Ratings board: Movies I've rented or watched with a quick blurb and rating. Ratings are on a 1-10 scale. This list begins on January 17, 2004. I am a voracious movie watcher and unfortunately I never thought to keep track of all the films I've watched and rented until now. This list is short for now, but over the years it will grow and a chia pet.

Along Came Polly -6- Between Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston you would think something good could have come from this film. Not so.

An Everlasting Piece - 7 - Commedy. Northern Irish Barbers decide to go into the toupe business. Directed by Barry Levinson

Johnny English -7- comedy. Bean's great! Malkovich sort of pulls of the part...but I think his direction must have been pretty weak. The ending sort of worked...but that was weak too. In spite of this, the movie was good fun and worth a rental if you're in the mood for something light.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Love Liza - 8- Directed by Todd Louiso. Starring: Philip Seymore Hoffman. Excellent movie about depression, sadness, and huffing gasoline.

Importance of Being Earnest, The (2002)



Alien and Aliens (You can skip 3 and 4)

Bubba Ho-Tep - 6 - If you're a Bruce Campbell fan, then its worth the watch, just to see the man with the boomstick play an infirmed Elvis, else, you might just pass.

Cabin Fever - 8 - Decent acting. Pretty girls. An ending that doesn't suck.

Cube 2: Hyper Cube - 6 - Very similar to the first Cube movie. Great set design...for a cube :) The ending works...but is a bit of a let down.

Dead Zone - 7 - Christopher Walken plays the part well. The plot holds together and the acting is decent. It played more like a good episode of the Twilight Zone rather than a feature film though.

Dawn of the Dead -8- In many ways an imporovement on Night of the living dead also by Romero.

Evil Dead, Evil Dead2 and Army of Darkness - 9 - Sam Rami's unstoppable classic cult trilogy.

Freddy vs. Jason - 7 - Not since the original Nightmare on Elm Street have I liked a Freddy Cougar movie this much. Still, this movie had a horribly weak ending. If not for this I would upgrade it to an 8.

The Grudge - 8 - Scary, creepy, moody. Everything you want out of a horror film. Brought to america by Sam Raimi, Directed by Takashi Shimizu. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. 2004. IMDB IT.

Night of the living Dead - 8 - Romero's original genre defining movie.

Resident Evil - 8 - One of the best, based on one of my favorite video games. Music by Marilyn Manson.

Return of the Living Dead - 7 - Tribute film to Night of the Living dead...even mentions the film by name and involves it in the plot. If you're totally into zombie movies then you may want to see it...but I wouldn't put it at the top of your list. And what's up with the naked girl? Odd...and unecessary.


Science Fiction/Fantasy/3D Animated Films

Final Fantasy - 7

Finding Nemo - 9.5 - Maybe a 10. Go Pixar! I don't care if you usually don't "get into" 3d or animated films...this one breaks the mold...or maybe is the mold.

Kaena The Prophecy - 7 - 3D animated feature film featuring voice talent by Kirstin Dunst. Pretty good 3D especially becuase of the teams rags to riches story and becuase it was produced in France with off-the-shelf software (3DS Max, unbelievable but true). Its got a more coherent story than final fantasy and the visual look is unique. I could go on, but if you're a 3D buff, just go rent it and decide for yourself.

SharkTale - 6 - PDI's answer to Nemo sinks. The animation is superb, but the story is hackneyed and purely there to allow stellar animation and not-so-groundbreaking 3D environments come to life.

Titan AE - 8 -

Total Recall - 9 -



Unsorted -

Björk: Greatest Hits - Volumen 1993-2003 (2002)
The Brother's Quay Collection
Conan the Barbarian
Creature Comforts
Dark City
The Gift - A Simple plan - more from Sam Rami
Fight Club
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Assorted Tool Videos (Fred Stuhr)
Koyanisquatsi another piece by the same folks that did baraka
Naked Lunch
Pulp Fiction - 10 -
Rear Window
Star Wars Empire
39 steps
Vertigo - On Color
Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

What Dreams May Come
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Baby Herman)