Mental Ray Tutorials

BSP settings - for soft image

Mental Ray FG and GI settings

MR Quickstart PDF(.zip) provided by

Global Illumination in Maya (with MentalRay 1.5)

Volume Scattering and Volume Caustics

Cartoon Shading in Maya 5 Using Mental Ray shaders
This is a step-by-step guide to getting contour shading to work in Maya 5

Optimizing Mental Ray Renders. - excellent reference for modeling efficiency for MR, countour/toon rendering, and FG/GI settings and methodology.

Tutorial-LumeLight - Requires Plugin
The LumeLight set is made up of six individual shaders: Illumination, Translucency, Glare, Glow, Night, and Beam. This tutorial will show you a few quick examples of how to use each one.

Ambient Occlusion per Object
assign a value to the object using "miLabel"


Mental Ray Hints:

Mental Ray Anti-Aliasing setting recomendations V2.0 for Maya 5 - submitted by Josh on the Alias-L listserve. Wednesday, October 01, 2003, 10:28:16 AM

Mental Ray Render Setting Hints - submitted by Steve on the Alias-L listserve. Wednesday, October 01, 2003, 9:56:43 AM