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Persistent Visions News: Search Persistent Visions for online newsletters, blogs, technical writing and journal entries concerning the fields of animation, scientific visualization, data science, graphic design, video editing, motion graphics and other topics.

Persistent Visions announces upcoming video series with accompanying newsletter on data design.

Persistent Visions announces development plans for new e-series on graphic tools and code templates.

Persistent Visions releases updated blog tools for production.

Persistent Visions announces upcoming development of production templates for php based video with a forthcoming web series focusing on educational and social media.

Persistent Visions announces new template system for production annotation to help keep track of daily's, design updates, development schedules and more.

New updates on Persistent Visions' in-house animated film based on Creative Director Dru Abrams' original work of fiction, "Tobias Finch", an enchanting adventure set in a rich fantasy environment. We will be releasing some teaser updates online regarding production and design.

Quicktime VR is now available as a 3D Rendering Output choice! View a sample here.

New work added to modeling/props.

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